Nurturing Regional Collaboration for Energy Efficiency

  05 May 2020

With an objective to promote energy efficiency (EE) at the industries at a regional level Energy Efficiency Working Group (EEWG) of TUEWAS has initiated a joint collaboration among its member countries. The regional project initiated with the TUEWAS Innovation Fund is being implemented in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Vietnam through GIZ supported (EE) projects/ programmes in the respective countries. Earlier this year, in May 2020, the proposal submitted by EEWG in the TUEWAS Innovation Fund call was judged as the joint best among the seven different proposals made from different working groups by the TUEWAS members.

The regional project focuses on Digital Small Energy Efficiency Group (DSEEG) as a facility in-house mechanism to trigger EE behavior among industrial consumers through online support to increase the productivity of their respective industries and mitigate carbon emission. With international consulting team Arqum and national consultants onboard, the 12 participating industries i.e three each from each participating countries have formed DSEEG and participated in their first international workshop on 28th September 2020. In the online-workshop, the international consulting team together with support from the national consultants in each of the participating countries oriented the representatives from the DSEEGs on the process of the project as well as on the method for gathering energy related data for the energy management. Further, the participants were also oriented on the significance as well as the EE measures in some of the common energy consuming appliances.

During this pilot initiative DSEEGs formed at industries and these groups will be supported in preparing and persuading the management board of their respective industries to implement EE measures. These DSEEG will be led by an Energy Manager  and will include members from other departments of the enterprise such as operations, finance, procurement and engineering. In addition to the training materials, DSEEGs will also be provided with necessary forms and checklists to identify, evaluate, describe and present on EE measures. The DSEEGs, with support from national consultants, will collect preliminary data on the energy consumption pattern in their respective industries, on the basis of which a Facility Energy Efficiency Action Plan (FEEAP) will be developed. It is planned that at the end of the project, the individual DSEEGs will be presenting their action plan to the management team of the respective companies. The regional initiative will end on 25th November 2020. It is envisaged that the DSEEG, will continue to discuss the issues related to EE as well as plan and implement EE measures at their respective industries even after the project period.

The total award amount received under TUEWAS Innovation Fund is 25,000 EUR and will be used in the service of the international consulting firm. The national consultants are hired by respective projects and funded with the project budget.

Contact :
Dr. Sanjay Prasad Gorkhali (Speaker, Energy Efficiency Working Group) –
Mr. Markus Bissel (CoSpeaker, Energy Efficiency Working Group) –

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