Concerted Efforts to Support Smart Grid Implementation in Vietnam

  03 December 2020

The last month of 2020 witnessed a series of events co-organized by GIZ and the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERAV) under the Viet Nam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to promote smart grid in the country.

Future Lab Workshop 2020

Future Lab workshop 2020 was formatted with the design thinking model (Source: GIZ)

This workshop aimed to identify bottlenecks associated with the integration of rooftop PV and discuss solutions.

The workshop created a forum to foster understanding and to encourage open-minded and broad perspectives. Opportunities and challenges to the grid integration of rooftop PV as well as proposed potential solutions were discussed.

First-ever e-learning platform on smart grid focused on Viet Nam’s context

The online training model allows for more participants with more personalized learning path (Source: GIZ)

The workshop also launched for the first time an e-learning platform on smart grid.

With a tailor-made syllabus for Viet Nam, the virtual training will equip local experts with comprehensive knowledge of the challenges faced by the country’s power system when integrating a large amount of renewable energy plants into the grid, potential mitigation strategies and international best practices.

The instructors are leading experts from Germany and the U.K., while the participants will be nominated by their institutions in the energy sector.

Viet Nam Academy Day 2020

Viet Nam Academy Day was held on December 3-4, 2020 (Source: GIZ)

Following the Future Lab workshop was the “Viet Nam Academy Day”, which aimed to foster research and application activities of smart grid in the country.

The participants looked at several research activities and a model to incubate start-ups with initiatives about smart grid. GIZ-assigned international consultants shared the C/Sells project, which explores the harmonization of network operation. They also had an in-depth discussion on necessary mechanisms to boost innovation, the adjustment of legal frameworks to minimize hurdles for pilot phase, companies’ expectations of researchers, methods to tighten links among relevant partners.

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