Digital Small Energy Efficiency Group to save energy at enterprises

  06 February 2021

GIZ in four countries Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Viet Nam cooperated to introduce a facility in-house mechanism to trigger energy efficiency behaviors among 12 industrial customers. The program established a Digital Small Energy Efficiency Group (DSEEG) in each enterprise, which consists of personnel from different departments.  

Within 2 months, 4 virtual sessions and several on-site consultancies were conducted by international as well as national consultants to support DSEEGs in identifying energy efficiency opportunities at their workplace and setting up a Facility Energy Efficiency Action Plan (FEEAP). The identified 78 measures have an average payback period of less than a year and a possibility to save roughly 5,300 MWh of energy, while the investment cost is $0.06/kWh. Most of the measures belong to Heating, Lighting, Cooling and Compressed air systems.  

Companies participating in the program expressed significant interest in improving their energy efficiency and strong commitment to implement their FEEAPs, showing a bright future for energy efficiency in the region. 

Presentation of a DSEEG to top management (Source: GIZ Viet Nam)