Promoting Eco-Industrial Parks in Mozambique

  06 April 2021

BIP is an important driver of the local economy in the Maputo Province in southern Mozambique. Approximately 6,400 people work in 40 companies from 15 different countries which are located in the park, meaning BIP represents 5% of the industrial employment at national scale. Thus, BIP has a huge impact on the region and being aware of its responsibility regarding sustainability, it constantly strives for improvement.

The Investment Climate Reform (ICR) Facility proved to be a valuable partner for becoming an EIP. This demand-driven facility supports countries and regional institutions from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific in their public-private dialogue process creating a more conducive and sustainable investment climate. On behalf of GIZ – as one of the implementing partners of the ICR Facility – a consultant undertook a baseline assessment of BIP using the “International Framework for Eco-Industrial Parks” as a best practice guide to identify opportunities and enhance the park’s economic, environmental and social sustainability. An operational action plan has been developed to implement the prioritized measures, especially regarding environmental aspects while maintaining the already good social performance of the park. This plan is now being pursued by BIP management and relevant stakeholders.

In addition, the project provided customized training and capacity building sessions to the BIP management on addressing specific opportunities and challenges (e.g. air emissions, renewable energy, waste recycling, transportation, government incentives and financing) and identifying approaches to meet the EIP criteria. In this context, online workshops for BIP-based companies on how the industrial park can become more eco-friendly and resource efficient have been developed. A major tool to raise awareness and foster discussions between the public and private sector was the organization of workshops with business associations and Government officials. These workshops focused on how to enhance sustainable development of industries and industrial parks in Mozambique. This overall inclusive multilayer approach provides a promising basis for BIP’s future transformation towards an EIP.

Bird’s eye view on Beluluane Industrial Park (Source: BIP)


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