Kick-off Virtual Academy on Sustainable Industrial Areas

  13 April 2021

On April 13th, the Virtual Academy on Sustainable Industrial Areas (SIA) was launched. The training course on SIA management is implemented by the Provadis University of Applied Science in Frankfurt (Germany) and has been developed in cooperation with the SIA Working Group. The 18-week course deals with the challenges, opportunities and gives practical guidelines to create a successful Eco-Industrial Park (EIP). Successful graduates of the course will be awarded a certificate as a Sustainable Industrial Park Manager.

SIA and EIP can be used as synonyms for managed industrial areas that promote cross-industry and community collaboration exploiting synergies for common benefits related to economic, social and environmental performance.


The academy is organized by the Center for Industry and Sustainability, as part of the Provadis University – located next to one of Europe’s largest industrial parks (Industriepark Höchst) –known for its hands-on solutions for a more sustainable industry. In total, 29 participants from 11 countries (Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Kosovo, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda) and 6 different time zones signed up, including real park managers and advisors whose work is related to industrial parks.

The main objective of the course is to share knowledge and perspectives from different regions as well as developing roadmaps on how to identify and implement sustainability approaches within each individual context. The content is organized into four modules based on the “International Framework for Eco-Industrial Parks” which has been developed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the World Bank Group and GIZ. The main topics include park management services, investment promotion, EIP indicators as well as approaches to energy, waste and water management. The modules follow the transformation from an industrial park to an EIP, comprising of live webinars, E-learning material, Q&A sessions and the overall roadmap development for the participants’ individual park.

Night view of the Höchst Industrial Park. Picture: Jan Michael Hosan Source: (Palis & Mohrmann GbR)

As the course has already started, registration is no longer possible. However, experiences, lessons learnt, and impressions will be shared in future once the academy has finished.

Four prerequisites for a Sustainable Industrial Park:
park management, environmental, social and economic performance

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