Safe and Sustainable Public Transport for Indonesian Cities

  06 May 2021
Training participant utilising a state-of-the-art bus simulator to enhance safety and eco driving.

The Ministry of Transportation (MoT) has implemented the Buy the Service (BTS) programme to support the implementation of bus-based urban mass public transport through financial support (operational subsidy) and technical assistance. To support the implementation of the BTS programme, SUTRI NAMA supports in the preparation of regulatory framework of BTS and providing the proposed route based on the Feasibility Study (FS) of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) development with segregated lanes in Bandung and Makassar.

In Bandung Metropolitan, SUTRI NAMA provided input to the route selection resulted from the FS development. Following a discussion of BTS routes with the West Java’s Transport Agency (Dishub) on 27 November 2020, coordination between SUTRI NAMA, MoT, and West Java Transport Agency (Dishub) will be further enhanced to synchronise and harmonise the proposed BTS routes, which have similarities to the SUTRI NAMA’s BRT routes.

To successfully implement both the BRT and BTS Programme, the Governor of West Java established a task force on 17 December 2020 for Bandung Metropolitan. The main duty of this task force is to give guidance and assistance on the preparation and planning related to realisation of BRT in Bandung Raya, as well to manage coordination between agencies in provincial level and city level. The nominated task force consists of the city and provincial agencies those are related to transportation, public works, and city planning, who will be conducting their duty throughout the project timeline and up to the realisation of the BRT in Bandung Raya.

In addition, SUTRI NAMA supported the MoT’s BTS programme through conducting a series of Training Programme entitled “Capacity Development on Safety and Eco Driving of Urban Bus Services”. The programme, which used a mixed method of online and offline learning, started with an online learning and assessment to understand the competency baseline of the participants. The offline session of the programme used a state-of-the-art bus simulator with a customised system as well as defensive & eco-driving on-road sessions. Lastly, the participants underwent a comprehensive post-assessment, to certify their qualifications based on a nationally approve standard of Level III of the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia/KKNI) for Urban Bus Mass Drivers certificate.

The programme was successfully conducted on 21-26 September 2020 in Yogyakarta, 14-19 December 2020 in Denpasar, and 5-10 January 2021 in Palembang. With a total of 292 participants, 288 were qualified for the Level III KKNI – Urban Bus Mass Drivers certificate, which provides them with enhanced competency and job security within the BTS programme.

Nabila Fachir – Communications & Public Relations Professional
Sustainable Urban Transport Programme Indonesia (SUTRI NAMA) and the project component Indonesian Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Development Project (INDOBUS) Indonesia

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