Workshop bridges financial institutions and investors in Vietnam bioenergy

28 July 2021
The workshop is expected to help the country’s financial experts to unlock the investment potential of bioenergy project development.

On 28 July 2021, the GIZ Bioenergy project presented a virtual workshop bringing together local and international representatives of financial institutions and project developers to explore emerging market opportunities in Vietnam’s bioenergy sector. The workshop also provided an outlook for supporting the country’s financial experts to unlock the investment potential of bioenergy project development.

At the “Opportunities for shaping the future of bioenergy supply in Vietnam” workshop, more than 60 stakeholders, primarily from the financial sector, were provided an overview on Vietnam’s agriculture and forestry industry and its potential for bioenergy investment opportunities, as well as experience from Vietnamese and Thai companies about biomass plant investment and project realization.

Speakers – including regional project developers, financial professionals, and international technical experts – explained the opportunities and challenges for investing in bioenergy for financiers that already have a comfort level investing in other renewable resources such as solar.

The workshop was organised by GIZ in cooperation with Vietnam’s Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority (EREA) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOIT) and the Germany-based Renewables Academy (RENAC). A series of further training programmes and relevant activities will be designed for the financial sector to build on the foundation laid in this first event.

The GIZ project ‘Climate Protection through Sustainable Bioenergy Markets in Vietnam’ (BEM) is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) as part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI).

The project addresses key challenges in Vietnam’s bioenergy subsector and helps foster market conditions for public and private stakeholders to develop sustainable bioenergy projects in the country. Among its activities is to equip financial institutions to understand evaluate, and pursue bioenergy project investment opportunities, specifically by improving access to international re-financing mechanisms.

For more information about the BEM project, please see here.
For further information, please contact Nathan Moore – BEM’s Project Director.