GIZ proposes grid management for optimal operation of Viet Nam’s renewable energy

26 August 2021
GIZ-coordinated consultants provided participants with the lessons in coping with grid management situations.

Viet Nam should consider adopting major solutions for planning and operational grid management if the country wants to optimise the operation of renewable energy sources and make the best use of the clean source in its power system.

The proposals took centre stage in the virtual workshop ‘Grid management solutions to the optimal operation of renewable energy sources in power system’ which took place on 26 August 2021. The event was jointly organised by GIZ and the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam (ERAV) of Viet Nam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT).

At the workshop, the participants were updated with analysis of the country’s current electricity system and its current grid management situation. Overview of international best practices was presented so local experts could learn from the lessons in dealing with relevant issues.

The GIZ-coordinated consultation group also put forward planning and operational measures for Viet Nam. In terms of planning, the most essential proposal is the issuance of a reasonable feed-in tariff (FIT) mechanism which varies according to region, time, or demand. In terms of operation, grid-related and market-related measures as well as renewable energy feed-in management were recommended.

“All measures that we proposed in today’s workshop will support Viet Nam to make the best use of the enormous potential of renewable energy, make efficient and optimal use of grid systems, and avoid limiting the generation capacity of renewable energy sources,” said Mr. Markus Bissel, Director of GIZ’s Smart Grids for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SGREEE) project.

The event was part of the SGREEE project, which is implemented by the ERAV/MOIT and GIZ. The project is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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For further information, please contact Mr. Markus Bissel – SGREE’s Project Director.