Utilizing digital platform to promote energy efficiency and gender-equality in the field

27 November 2021

The website Vietnam Energy Efficiency Community (VEECOM) is attracting attention of individuals and enterprises to the benefits of energy efficiency and  contributing to gender equality in the field.

Being part of Energy Efficiency activities in Vietnam, the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Community (VEECOM) website, developed under the cooperation of GIZ and the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, has been providing abundant information sources for energy-related personnel. The website encompasses different topics varying from technical knowledge and energy efficiency policies to best practices of designated energy users in Vietnam.

VEECOM has achieved more than one million visits by 500 members, who are mainly energy experts, energy managers and energy auditors as well as students in energy field. Established on April 2021, until now, VEECOM has organized more than 40 frequent competitions, updated more than 50 best practices and various E-learning materials. VEECOM is gaining success on its aim to gradually improve understanding, awareness and practices on economical and efficient use of energy in production and business activities.

The VEECOM forum is especially aware of gender inequality issues in the energy sector. It encourages female members to study, exchange and contribute knowledge  by establishing a female category for competition prizes. This initiative is among the concerted efforts by GIZ Vietnam to encourage female’s participation in the field of energy efficiency and in the energy sector.

VEECOM provides various sources of information of Energy Efficiency and honors the best contributors, especially female members. Source: veecom.vn

In addition to regular forum activities, National Energy Efficiency Industry Awards (NEEIA) 2021 and Green Energy Model (GEM) 2021 are two big events currently promoted on VEECOM. An online information and application portal has been developed on VEECOM for NEEIA 2021 specifically to streamline the application process.

National Energy Efficiency in Industry Awards 2021 on VEECOM. Source: veecom.vn

Mainly targeted to Vietnamese people in the field, however, VEECOM also maintains bilingual interface to introduce Vietnam’s potential in energy efficiency to international community. The website and forum are updated regularly to ensure the timely delivery of information and knowledge to their users.

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Markus Bissel – Head of Component Energy Efficiency, 4E Project, GIZ Viet Nam – markus.bissel@giz.de