“The CCM WG is an excellent platform for experience sharing, knowledge generation and networking. I am working on two BMUB funded projects ‘Development and Management of NAMAs in India’ and ‘Global Carbon Markets’. The WG has helped in vetting concepts, under the aforementioned projects, with colleagues from other regions of the world working on similar concepts. I would highly recommend colleagues this platform as it fosters collaborative effort.”

- Kundan Burnwal Technical Advisor, GIZ India

Climate Change Mitigation (CCM)

Established since 2006, the Working Group (WG) focuses on climate change mitigation and related policies or actions. It is sector-agnostic and welcome colleagues from various relevant backgrounds, such as waste, forestry, energy, transport or different aspects of climate change mitigation, like financing or MRV.

The regional focus is on Asian countries and their interpretation of climate policy and actions to be taken. The WG is intending to expand its regional cooperation to other SNs and go beyond the TUEWAS-frontier. Through head office, the WG closely receives international expert feedback on the products.

The WG is innovative and motivated with a long history focusing on ‘climate change mitigation’ policy and actions. Around 10 -15 active members join meetings, exchange experiences and share the work packages. The e-mailing list of colleagues interested in the activities recently reached 100+.



  • Climate change mitigation instruments to implement the Paris Agreement
  • Nationally Determined Contributions, climate finance, NAMAs, market mechanisms, ITMOs
  • Institutional set-ups for climate change mitigation
  • Sectoral implementation of climate goals
  • Linkages to the Sustainable Development Goals


The ongoing processes established within the Paris Agreement requires each country to submit NDCs on a five-year cyclical basis, each of which must be progressively more ambitious than the last.

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The objective of this discussion paper is to look at the debate on INDCs from a mitigation-perspective5. It aims to discuss the framework set out above in a pre- and post-2020 context, highlighting the political, technical and institutional facts on NAMAs, INDCs and LEDS, analyse their linkages and finally conclude with a set of key messages.

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This study provides a timely opportunity to forward understanding on issues regarding integrating mitigation efforts under NAMAs and REDD+ in the actual circumstances of Asian countries. In conjunction with work under its Asia program climate mitigation capacity-building initiatives, GIZ is working to carry out a suite of background studies and advisory services to support policy advisers in assisting national governments with design and implementation of integrated REDD+ and NAMA programs. This paper aims to improve the understanding of the relations between REDD+ and NAMAs, how they might be combined and any implications of their merging, and recommend advice for Asia region GIZ Programs and experts.

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This input culminated in a holistic source book that offers guidance to GIZ employees and non-Annext I countries responsible for implementing NAMAs.

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