Climate Governance (Strengthening Climate Governance of Indonesia for Implementing the Paris Agreement)


  • Enhancing the role and function of the National Focal Point (NFP) to UNFCCC
  • Strengthening capacity in the areas of policy management, national and sub-national coordination, and the engagement of non-party stakeholders; and
  • Strengthening the coherent communication about the Indonesian experience in the international climate regime, through professional dialogues and networking with international climate communities.


The project aims to support the Indonesian government’s efforts to implement key requirements of the Paris Agreement in national climate policy, especially the fundamentals of Nationally Determined Contributions in the field of mitigation, adaptation and transparency framework by improving climate governance capacities.

Field of intervention

  • Institutional Capacity Building and Coordination
  • Policy Formulation
  • NDC Implementation
  • Development of MRV System
  • Communication and Network

Targeted beneficiaries

  • Ministry of Environment and Forestry


  • Consultation activities agreed by GIZ and Ministry of Environment and Forestry/DGCC to support NDC implementation under the coordination of the Indonesia National Focal Point (NFP)
  •  Training courses for building capacity of Ministry of Environment and Forestry/DGCC staffs, other relevant Ministries, Sub-National Governments and other stakeholders
  •  Workshops, conferences, coordination meetings and dissemination
  •  Campaigns and external communication



01 May 2007 - 31 January 2021

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