Green Economy and Locally-Appropriate Mitigation Actions in Indonesia (GE-LAMA-I)

Green Economy and Locally-Appropriate Mitigation Actions in Indonesia (GE-LAMA-I)


  • To improve the capacity of 2 provinces and 6 districts for developing land use plan towards green economy and for developing and implementation of four LAMAs green growth initiatives to reduce emissions from agriculture, forestry and other land uses as well as socioeconomic growth promotion


Indonesian economy is growing rapidly with land-based economic activities as major contributor. This creates challenges for Indonesia commitment to reduce its emission, by 26% – 41% from its business as usual level by 2020. A green economy concept should bridge the two agendas combined with the social objective to improve social inclusiveness on local level in the context of land use change processes and other land-use-related economic activities. Locally appropriate mitigation actions (LAMAs) are expected to be those economic activities at local level that serve the three characteristics of green economy: low GHG emissions, resource efficient, and socially inclusive.

Green Economy and Locally-Appropriate Mitigation Actions in Indonesia (GE-LAMA-I) is an initiative for building local government capacities in planning low emission development, and in developing four locally and/or nationally appropriate mitigation actions. The project enables local governments and stakeholders in two provinces to develop efficient land use and land-use change scenarios through an inclusive process using user friendly analytical tools, such as LUMENS (Land Use Planning for Development with Multiple Environmental Services).

“Chosen scenarios will be translated into local mitigation actions under provincial greenhouse gas emission reduction action plans (RAD-GRK) and included in mid-term development plans as reference for governments and all stakeholders in determining policies, regulations and local government programs, as well as budget plans”

Based on these plans, the project is facilitating the development of four locally-appropriate mitigation actions (LAMAs) for upscaling to nationally-appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs).


        As part of the effort to mainstream climate change mitigation actions into national and local development plans,GE-LAMA-I has set three goals:

  • Progressive national and local policies that correspond with global actions to support the implementation of NAMAs and green growth initiatives in land-based sectors, including policy coordination and stakeholder inclusion
  • Tools, syntheses and comparative studies on land-use planning for low-emission development strategies that include multiple environmental services
  • Concepts and capacity building to support implementation for four land-based sector NAMA green growth initiatives based on the National Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Plan (RAN-GRK)



23 December 2013 - 30 November 2018

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