Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Concepts in Cities and Industries

Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Concepts in Cities and Industries


The functioning of municipal Energy Management System (EnMS) is demonstrated in Pakistan


In municipal and community administrations in Pakistan, integrated EnMS, as they are already used in many countries, are practically unknown. Measures to reduce energy consumption or boost energy efficiency in cities are generally purely project based. The selection of measures is usually not based on an objective analysis of existing energy data and needs of the population, but rather is at the initiative and with support of external advisors/development partners. No systematic energy data management is carried out, which means that energy consumption, the potential for savings and the economic benefits of implementing individual measures for boosting energy efficiency are barely known.

The project implementation approach aims to integrate the energy topic into the processes and workflows of municipal administration and public institutions responsible for municipal services in the selected cities in Pakistan. The successful introduction and implementation of municipal Energy Management System (EnMS) will mainstream energy relevant tasks and processes in relevant departments of the partner organizations in these cities. The strategic approach is developed on the principles and guidelines of ISO 50001. Relevant staff within each partner organization will be provided with necessary training(s) and be mandated to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency, to prioritise and implement suitable measures.

The goals pursued by the project are closely aligned with the policies of the political partners by moving towards a sustainable orientation on energy efficiency and conservation in municipal services.

Approach/Field of intervention

The project consists of the following key outputs:

  • The energy sector has been integrated into municipal administrations
  • The applicability of digital methods for energy data management has been demonstrated
  • The implementation of low/no-investment energy-efficiency measures has been strengthened
  • The dissemination of lessons learned on municipal energy management has been initiated.

Targeted beneficiaries

municipal administration and organizations responsible municipal services and most importantly the entire population of the cities

Highlight activities /Achievements

  • Selection of pilot cities of Lahore and Islamabad through a pre-determine criterion in coordination with political partner, the Ministry of Energy (MoE)
  • Development of EnMS implementation concept for the cities in Pakistan.
  • Engagement and agreement with key decision makers in pilot cities on EnMS implementation
  • Introduction of EnMS approach at operational level in pilot cities incl. required resource allocation in each organization
  • Conducting baseline study and selection of additional up to 5 additional cities is in progress



June 2020 - November 2023

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