Sustainable Supply Chain for Perishables into Cities (Green Logistics Project)

Sustainable Supply Chain for Perishables into Cities (Green Logistics Project)


Provide increased access to fresher, regional food in adequate hygienic environment to urban inhabitants in Bangalore and 5 surrounding districts


To achieve the project objective, following will be two main areas of intervention:

A: Supply Chains for regional fruits & vegetables (F&V) are more effective and efficient:

The project team will work with five Farmer Producing Organizations (FPOs) in Karnataka to improve post-harvest management practices, operationalizing new marketing channels and improving efficiencies in logistics for each of the identified FPOs. Activities include grading and labeling to market requirements, developing direct marketing channels to end consumers, transport consolidation wherever feasible along the FPO’s supply chains. An improved marketing and logistics shall lead to decrease in waste and food mileage leading to a reduction of CO2 emissions and food losses as well as increased satisfaction of urban consumers.

B: Management as well as social and health standards for points of sale of fresh food are improved:

The project team will work with public authorities and all relevant stakeholders to transform an unorganized street market into a clean hygienic and attractive street market for the neighborhood. The approach will be to systematically create basic public infrastructure facilities, formalize and develop sustainable street market management systems through a participative & transparent planning process in the selected street market and ensure improvements to the infrastructure and hygiene conditions.

In addition, capacity building of FPOs and street vendors in enabling marketing and street market management skills will be carried out. Also, dissemination of these experiences through the Government Authorities for replication in other informal street markets are other activities envisaged.

Field of intervention

  • Horticulture Marketing
  • Transport, Logistics & Mobility Management
  • Public space planning & Design
  • Organisational and Institutional Development

Targeted beneficiaries

  • Farmers; Street vendors; urban consumers; traders; urban residents


  • 3 Stakeholder consultations for identifying local issues and local solutions completed
  • 3 Street Market scenario planning underway



November 2014 - December 2017

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