“It is exciting to be part of such an experienced and long-standing working group. For over 8 years, the work of the pioneers working groups (cities and climate change and urban opportunities) has reached great impact for partners, with its capacity development/training approach. ”

Transformation – Urban Opportunities – Climate Change (TURBOCLIC)

We are a cross-sectoral working group comprising of members from TUEWAS (Transport, Environment, Energy and Water in Asia) and SNGA (Governance in Asia). Our work mainly focuses on the topics of urban climate change and urban governance, namely - low carbon development, energy efficiency in buildings, urban resilience, inclusive cities, localizing SDGs, vertical governance integration, urban nexus, metropolitan governance, climate finance decentralized, capacity development, among others.

Created in 2013, pioneers have been the TUEWAS Cities and Climate Change and the SNGA Urban Opportunities working groups, who have been fruitfully cooperating since 2009. Several bilateral and regional programs are represented in the working group.

Our main goals are networking, knowledge management, including joint learning among programs, regional and technical exchange with national and international partners, as well as strengthen the technical and advisory capacities of GIZ staff and partner experts, and work on developing innovative products. We interact through different channels, such as virtual and face-to-face meetings, newsletters, online platform, and innovative subject related webinars.



  • Webinar Series 2019
  • Development and roll-out of a Training on Implementing the International Agendas in/with Cities
  • Compilation and analysis of digital/ICT tools for climate-resilient and low-carbon urban development
  • Mapping of project indicators (to find common activities among projects and linkages to global Agendas / determine how projects are contributing to their implementation.


One of the main activities of the Working Group Cities and Climate Change has been the development of a Capacity Building Tool for Local Partners, the Training Series on Cities and Climate Change.

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Contact Details


Ms. Vaishali Nandan

Mrs. Vaishali Nandan, is a Senior Advisor under the GIZ-Sanitation Project in India. She joined GIZ in 2007 and has worked on various urban environment issues like municipal solid waste, waste water, water quality, transport and climate change. She has helped develop national guidelines, state strategies, city level plans including "a city climate action plan" and has supported project implementation in cities. Mrs. Nandan has written several papers on various thematic subjects and has been a member of various technical expert committees. She was actively involved in the development and rolling out of the “Cities and Climate Change Training” under the former TUEWAS WG "Cities and Climate Change". Mrs. Nandan holds a Masters in Urban and Regional Planner and also a Masters in Geography. She has more than 20 years of experience working with the government, private sector, NGOs and Academia.


Mr. Peter Sailer

Mr. Peter Sailer serves as the Project Director of the Sino-German Urbanisation Partnership (SGUP). As such, Peter’s responsibilities include overseeing the smooth implementation of the project’s goals by coordinating the communication and activities held with SGUP’s German and Chinese commissioning ministries, as well as a wide range of implementation partners and stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. Peter has a quite extensive experience working in the urbanisation field in both Germany and China. Before joining the SGUP project in Beijing, he served as an urban planner and a consultant in the field of sustainable development for various German and Chinese firms, working on areas such as strategy design, landscape planning, heat and power supply, concept development, and project management among, other fields. Peter’s academic background includes a master’s degree on Urban and Regional Planning from TU Berlin, where he focused on Environmental Law and International Urban Development Studies. He went on to pursue a master in business administration with a focus on International Real Estate Management, from the Biberach University of Applied Sciences, Germany.


Mr. Mohammad Hamidul Islam Chowdhury (for SNGA)

Mr. Mohammad Hamidul Islam Chowdhury is a seasoned development professional from Bangladesh and currently working as the Team Leader of the Resilient and Inclusive Urban Development (RIUD) project in GIZ Bangladesh. He joined GIZ back in 2007. In his short 16 years of career, he managed to gain interesting mix of experiences in community-based natural resource management, disaster management, housing, urban governance, climate change adaptation in urban areas and recently on Rohingya refugee issues. He has worked with NGO’s, real estate company, bi-lateral and multi-lateral development agencies. Mr. Chowdhury is a graduate in Urban Management from Technical University of Berlin, Germany. He is a strong promoter of inclusive local development. He is also a keen follower of the climate change responsive development trends in the South Asian Region. He likes to spend time with his family during free times and cook their favorite dishes.”