This WG is gathering projects working on a range of topics in the water sector such as urban water supply and sanitation, climate resilient water infrastructure, mitigation of increased flooding risks as well as water policy and river basin planning.

The projects have different scales of intervention (from specific towns to transboundary river basins) and focus on different geographical area (Cambodia, India, Thailand, Viet Nam, Lower Mekong Basin) but they share similar challenges in their common effort to increase the climate resilience of the water sector.

This WG intends to support the different projects addressing these challenges by facilitating exchanges among themselves: technical solutions, institutional insights, operational tips, local knowledge, resources.

The map below displays the location of the project offices in addition to what area is being addressed.


  • Water security and strong institutions for the provision of basic urban services and improved sanitation
  • Policy development for climate adaptation and sustainable water management among all levels.
  • Implementation of early warning system in the Mekong Delta to adapt to increased flooding events as a result of climate change.
  • River basin management/transboundary water resources management
  • Services for the assessment of climate change resilient infrastructure


The Working Group Projects in Detail


Video on Working Group Projects


The working group in the context of the BMZ Water Strategy

The newly endorsed strategy on water regulation by the BMZ has various objectives including hygiene, sanitation, water resource security, climate change mitigation and adaptation, promotion of IWRM and transboundary management. All projects within the WG are addressing one or more of those objectives in their corresponding areas. A matrix has been developed identifying the key areas and actions that are taken by each member to ensure fair, sustainable and safe water usage for all. (The figure below shows the interpreted summary of the BMZ Water strategy)

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Video ‘Contributions to BMZ’

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