CDIA Checklist for Inclusive Urban Infrastructure Development

Investments in urban infrastructure play a key role in addressing poverty in Asian cities. The long-term goal of CDIA is the promotion of sustainable, pro-poor, and inclusive urban development, leading to improved environmental and living conditions for all households in medium-sized Asian cities. All CDIA interventions aim at making an impact on the overarching development goals of:
-environmental sustainability,
– climate change adaptation and/or mitigation,
– urban poverty reduction, and
– improved urban governance.
Urban poverty is a multidimensional reality, and urban poor communities live with deprivations that have many shapes and forms. The “urban poor” are consequently defined not only by levels of income, lack of appropriate access to public (municipal) services, and general informality but also by other characteristics that may vary from country to country and from city to city in the Asian developing region.

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