The TUEWAS Energy Working Group promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience in sustainable in Asia. It is a forum allowing networking, information and knowledge exchange and establishes a forum of discussion among peers for mutual support on different topics and issues related to promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Asia. By means of activities such as collaboration mapping, available know how on renewable energy and energy efficiency is identified and shared among the members. Moreover, this WG leverages synergies through joined and coordinated activities between GIZ projects in Asia to strengthen the engagement in the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in this region. The exchange among members of the WG also contributes to business development and project acquisition.

Issues / Topics

Energy Efficiency:

  • Institutionalization of Energy Efficiency (EE)
  • EE in Industries and Buildings
  • EE Financing, Private Sector participation in EE
  • Capacity development in EE
  • Awareness Raising in EE
  • Digitalization in Energy

Rural Energy:

  • Rural electrification
  • Pico PV/micro hydro
  • Mini/micro-grids
  • Solar-powered irrigation

Grid-connected Renewable Energy:

  • Power market design / reform
  • Grid integration of vRE
  • Grid expansion planning
  • Smart grids
  • Flexibilization of the power system
  • RE promotion policy

Task Forces

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