Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solar (CIRTS)

Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solar (CIRTS)

Rooftop solar installed in the Vietnam-based Southern Power Corporation's (EVNSPC), which is among CIRTS’s partners. Copyright: GIZ


The Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Solar Project aims to improve the conditions for a sustainable development of the rooftop solar market in Viet Nam.


The Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Solar (CIRTS) project aims to improve the conditions for the development of commercial rooftop solar energy (RTS) through the analysis and assessment of prevailing applicable standards, the development and adaptation of relevant regulatory and technical regulations for RTS, the development of key stakeholders’ (power sellers and purchasers) capacities for RTS development, and the support to improve the Electricity Viet Nam’s (EVN) information base for the development of RTS projects. GIZ and the Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority (EREA) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) are jointly committed to work in three Action Areas: (1) Legal and Regulatory Framework; (2) Capacity Development and (3) Information Base Improvement.

Approach/Field of intervention

Technical Regulations

  • Analysing gaps for technical rules and standards for rooftop solar grid integration
  • Recommending for adapting international best practices to the Vietnamese context
  • Facilitating a technical working group to clarify the need for further updates of rules, standards, and regulations

Capacity Development

  • Improving EVN’s operational knowledge in term of both technical and administrative management to adjust their power supply activities with an increase in commercial and industrial rooftop solar
  • Strengthening relevant stakeholders’ access to knowledge and services of commercial and industrial rooftop solar systems to ensure quality and safety aspects

Information Base Improvement

  • Identifying potential commercial and industrial rooftop solar and developing scenarios to optimize the resources
  • Introducing international experience associated with rooftop solar business models in Viet Nam
  • Providing strategic advice to EVN to ensure sustainable business operations
  • Promoting innovations, e.g, hackathons, competitions

Targeted beneficiaries

Key beneficiary is the state-owned utility Electricity Viet Nam (EVN)

Highlight activities /Achievements

Early-stage activities:

  • Framework Assessment and Roadmap Development for Solar PV Module Waste Recycling in Viet Nam
  • Development of technical standards on remote monitoring and remote-control requirements for rooftop solar PV systems

Viet Nam


February 2021 - January 2025

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