The Environment WG is an excellent platform for experience sharing, knowledge generation and exchange, fostering collaboration and networking. I have been working on the topic of climate change, carbon markets, forestry and other interdisciplinary environmental topics. I am sure the WG will provide opportunities for vetting concepts, with colleagues from other regions of the world working on similar topics. I would highly recommend colleagues to actively participate on this platform. Let's work together to safeguard our planet for present and future generations.” - Kundan Burnwal, Speaker of Environment Working Group and Senior Advisor- Climate Change, GIZ India

Established in 2022, the Environment Working Group aims to serve as a platform for like-minded professionals to know about, discuss, share and work on a diverse set of environmental challenges in the region. It is sector-agnostic and welcomes colleagues from various relevant backgrounds, such as waste, forestry, energy, transport, climate change amongst others. The Environment WG is driven by the active engagement and inputs of the members and provides opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange and learning for its members through contribution in development of and dissemination through digital tools. This interactive platform would be flexible for topics within the scope of the projects in the region, WG members and overall theme of the TUEWAS sector network. It also encourages member projects to ensure gender responsiveness as an inherent element of the work they do and contribute to the gender related activities and outcomes of the sector network. The WG currently has 4 task forces for the year 2023. The WG will be led by Kundan Burnwal and Parth Sarathi Mahapatra as Speaker and Co-speaker respectively.

Issues / Topics

  • Climate Change
  • Air pollution
  • Nature based solutions
  • Net Zero Strategies
  • Resilient and Sustainable Urban Development
  • Circular Economy, Sustainable Waste Management and Marine Litter Prevention
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