Improved Service Delivery for Citizens in Cambodia (ISD)

Improved Service Delivery for Citizens in Cambodia (ISD)


  1. The NCDD uses recommendations prepared by its secretariat for the further implementation of national decentralisation programme (NP-2).
  2. Reforms of the OWSOs have been implemented in accordance with the requirements of the national decentralisation programme (NP-2).
  3. Selected districts and municipalities in the three partner provinces have strategies in place to shape their water and waste management in a cli-mate sensitive way.
  4. Citizens’ access to decision-making processes and com-plaint mechanisms at the level of districts and municipalities is strengthened.


Supporting the local governments to provide high-quality services to the citizens in the sectors of waste and water management, health and administrative services.

Approach/Field of intervention

  • Good governance
  • Administrative reform
  • Strategic approach for municipal waste management

Targeted beneficiaries

Citizens in 3 provinces in Cambodia with upscaling potentials

Highlight activities /Achievements

  • Development of waste management strategy for Districts and Municipalities
  • Formation of sub-committees for waste topic
  • Concrete activities that support a sustainable waste management at local level derived from strategies



March 2022 - December 2025

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