Climate Smart Cities

Climate Smart Cities


  • Anchoring climate-friendly solutions for urban infrastructure and area-based urban development in the planning and implementation of projects in the Smart Cities Mission of the Government of India.
  • Capacity development measures for the cities
  • Networking Platform for the experience exchange between Indian Mission cities
  • Support Indo-German working group on urbanization


The project Climate Smart Cities looks at implementing climate friendly measures in the cities of Kochi, Coimbatore and Bhubaneswar. The project focuses in the areas of Solidwaste management, Construction and Demolition waste management, Urban Green cover, Green buildings and Stormwater management. The project also looks are capacity development as one of the key measures. The project undertook trainings in the fields of Stormwater Management, C&D waste Management, Urban Green cover and Green Buildings. The trainings with be further upscaled to other cities through training institutes. C&D waste training has already been upscaled further. Training on GHG Monitoring mechanism is also planned under the project. The project is being implemented with NIUA, Difu and TU Berlin as implementing partners.

The project also supported and had been instrumental in development of the ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF) 2019 with MoHUA. CSCAF is one of its kind assessments which assess the 100 smart cities of the GoI on 28 indicators under 5 sectors. The CSCAF is now in its second phase and GIZ is the strategical partner.

Approach/Field of intervention

Construction and Demolition(C&D) Waste Management, Stormwater Management, Municipal Solidwaste Management, Urban Green Spaces, Green Buildings

Targeted beneficiaries

Municipal Corporation, City officials, General public, Training Institutes

Highlight activities /Achievements

  • ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework
  • Urban Design thinking exercise in the three cities on selected topics
  • Virtual Training on Urban Green Cover, Green Buildings and Stormwater Management.
  • Training on C&D waste management and further dissemination training conducted
  • Gap analysis, recommendation and roadmap for C&D waste management in Coimbatore and Bhubaneswar
  • Gap analysis, recommendation and roadmap for Municipal Solid management in Kochi
  • Gap analysis, recommendation and roadmap for Stormwater management in Bhubaneswar
  • Development of bylaw for C&D waste management for Bhubaneshwar and Coimbatore
  • Training on GHG Monitoring Mechanism for Coimbatore
  • The GIZ recommendation are incorporated in the form of MoU -The MoU of Miyawaki urban forest in Coimbatore
  • Low-cost green compliant materials suggested for interior detailing of Kochi Municipal Corporation office building
  • Exposure visit to ICCA conference and Bundesskongress

Success stories

Cities while being the engines of growth are also the biggest consumers of energy, and at risk due to the density of human population and the impacts of climate change. ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF) is a first-of-its-kind public assessment framework on climate relevant parameters launched by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India under its Smart Cities Mission which assess the 100 Smart cities on various climate relevant parameters. The assessment framework has 28 indicators spread across 5 sectors including green building, Green spaces, Solidwaste management and stormwater management. GIZ Climate Smart cities programmes was strategic partner to MOHUA for development of the framework and has been instrumental in development of the Indicators within the framework. The project supported the ministry in development of Climate Alliance which includes agencies working in the Climate change domain. CSC project also undertook trainings for ULBs and then supported MOHUA in finally rolling out of the framework. The framework in now in its second phase and will be an annual assessment of cities

Training and capacity building is the key to make sure that the activites that we do on round is then further take forwards and is sustained. GIZ Climate Smart citie programme organized 4 trainings on the topics of C&D waste management, Urban Green cover , Green Building and Urban Green spaces. The first training on C&D waste management was a physical training and then it was a challenge in front of the project to plan for a vritual training due to the pandemic as all the contents were planned for a physical training. The project successfully conducted 3 virtual trainings aon Urban Green cover, Green Building and Stormwater management. The project also conducted an upscaling training on C&D waste management which was conducted by one of the instates identified under the project




01 June 2018 - 30 November 2022

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