Green Urban Mobility Innovation

Green Urban Mobility Innovation


The framework conditions for Green Urban Mobility in select Indian cities are improved.


The project aims to enhance green urban mobility and transportation systems in India by creating a platform for innovation, collaboration and prototyping, bringing public and private stakeholders together under the roof of ‘Living Lab’ (LL). By providing an ‘open innovation ecosystem’ around green urban mobility for public and private stakeholders, it is envisioned to contribute to an improved innovation enabling environment and framework conditions for Green Urban Mobility Innovation that has benefits for all citizens, including the vulnerable and poor groups of society.

The project will have the following indirect development impacts in the medium term:

  • A new innovation method for the ‘green urban mobility’ space that serves as a platform for various governing agencies, private players, start-ups and all those interested to develop, test and showcase new technologies and develop viable service delivery models that can be replicated by ithers and hence contribute towards building sustainable transportation systems in India, is established.
  • A sustainable, inclusive and integrated approach that meets all citizens requirements around transportation and mobility is created, including vulnerable groups of society and the urban poor
  • Congestion and air pollution are reduced and accessibility of sustainable transportation and mobility solutions for goods and people is improved.
  • Health of urban population due to reduction of carbon and other hazardous emissions, especially among the poor and underprivileged population who are more exposed to air pollution is improved.
  • The project will contribute to climate protection through a reduction of CO2 emissions in the medium term.

Approach/Field of intervention

Innovation, sustainable urban mobility, air pollution / air quality management, data management

Targeted beneficiaries

municipalities, public-sector actors, startups innovators, other corporates




May 2021 - May 2024

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