Indo-German Solar Energy Partnership (IGSEP) – Rooftop 2

Indo-German Solar Energy Partnership (IGSEP) – Rooftop 2


  • The project is developing market forces while introducing enabling mechanisms and facilitating investments in rooftop PV systems.
  • The core focus of the project is to develop the market through competition and to work systematically in selected project areas in association with the four core actors namely
    • State Nodal Agencies (SNAs)
    • Distribution Licensees (DISCOMs)
    • Municipal Corporations, licensing authorities and local enterprises in selected municipal areas
    • Market participants (project developer, investors, etc.)
  • The project operates in four different activities, to achieve the aforementioned objective
    • Ensuring a long-term commitment on the part of DISCOMs
    • Creating conducive local (municipal) conditions
    • Promoting and implementing successful business models
    • Disseminating information and upscaling
    • Capacity building of Solar rooftop industry


  • The project is being implemented in cooperation with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in India. The project is active in 11 Indian States namely – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal and Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The project objective to achieve newly installed capacity (in megawatts [MW]) of rooftop PV systems that is added each year has doubled overall in the states in which the project is active (e.g. works with municipal corporations, distribution companies.

Field of intervention

  • Implemented selected business models to stimulate the installation of PV rooftop systems, some with integrated electric battery storage systems
  • Cooperation with munical actors for developing prerequisites to make decisions for an accelerated expansion of PV rooftop systems.
  • Cooperation with selected electricity suppliers for developing prerequisites to adapt their business to an increase in PV rooftop systems.
  • Identified and analyzed causes of sub-optimal performance, quantify those in terms of contribution to loss in generation and propose cost-optimal solutions to fix the quality issues and focus on logistics related aspects of installed rooftop PV Systems.
  • Analysis of Indian distribution systems for the integration of high shares of rooftop PV / Integration of renewable energies in the Indian electricity system (I-RE)

Targeted beneficiaries

  • National Level – Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
  • State Level – State Nodal Agency, Electricicty Distribution Companies, State Government Departments
  • Municipal Level – Municipal Corporation, Electrcicty Consumers (Residential, Commercial and Government) and Students.

Highlight activities

  • The project has achived 3000MW of solar rooftop capacity installations in the 11 States.
  • Created online portals for selected Indian states to ease out the installation process of distributed solar PV for all the relevant actors.
  • Conducted virtual/digital training on the topic “Solar Rooftop testing and Inspection” in the state of Gujarat.
  • Launched an online training platform- Solar PathSala to offer Solar PV related courses to the DISCOMs and other stakeholders
  • Provided tools to GUVNL (DISCOM) for smooth inspection of systems and management of applications.
  • Installation of a hybrid system of solar power and battery energy storage system to decongestion of LT network, improvement in power system reliability, managing load during peak time and managing the distribution transformer loading.
  • Empowered the young unemployed skilled workforce through upskilling and vocational training- Indian Solar PV Rooftop Installer Skilling and Employment (IRISE)
  • Awareness campaigns to help consumers take advantage of the range of benefits of rooftop solar.



January 2017 - December 2022

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