Management of organic waste in India

Management of organic waste in India


  • The promoted framework conditions for the use of modern environmental and climate protection technologies are improved. ​
  • Enhanced practices for sustainable organic waste management are established in selected cities, states and at national level​
  • Expansion of technical knowledge, awareness-rising and capacity building for the management of organic waste in India​
  • Development of guidelines, digital tools, standard operating procedures and a dissemination roadmap ​
  • Offering demand-oriented technical advice for players from the public and private sector ​
  • Steer concepts for demonstration projects on the use of modern environmental technologies in order to transfer technology.​


As part of the BMU Global project: ‘Support of the Export Initiative for Environmental Technologies’ (ExI), the module Management of Organic Waste in India (MOWI)  creates specific framework conditions for a demand for innovative technologies and ensures that sustainable structures are in place.

With a focus on integrated waste management, the MOWI module to improve sustainable organic waste management practices in the selected cities of Kanpur, Kochi, and Port Blair, their respective states, and at the national level. This includes centralised and decentralised systems of organic waste management like aerobic composting and biological methanation. MOWI interventions address issues of waste separation, quality control of compost, testing and linkage with marketing in urban and peri-urban areas, capacity building, development of guidelines and policy review, among others.

The implemented measures in this module are envisaged as an accompanying measure to the project “Cities Combating Plastic Entering the Marine Environment”, a bilateral project promoted by the BMU.

Approach/Field of intervention

  • Circular economy;
  • Sustainable waste Management;
  • Export Initiative for Environmental Technologies

Targeted beneficiaries

Municipal Corporation, State and City officials, related industries, General public, Training Institutes

Highlight activities /Achievements

  • A financial agreement with the University of Rostock has been signed, covering the provision of technical support for pilot projects planning and implementation, recommendations and roadmap for further action at state and national level, along with trainings and capacity building.

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14 December 2020 - 31 March 2023

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