Promoting Rural Electrification in Myanmar

Promoting Rural Electrification in Myanmar


  • State and private sector actors use enhanced technical and structural capacities to improve the framework conditions for and planning and implementation of rural electrification


On behalf of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GIZ is assisting Myanmar’s Department of Rural Development to implement National Electrification Project’s off-grid component with its specific focus on mini grids.

The overall objective is to hone and strengthen the competence of relevant public and private stakeholders involved in Myanmar’s rural electrification process, enabling them to plan, develop and implement decentralized off-grid electrification solutions, primarily renewable energy-based mini grids.

Building on existing knowledge and local practices, the project is tasked with advising DRD at the union level and with promoting targeted capacity building and business development in the country wide. The approach comprises three main lines of action together with specific tasks and objectives:

  1. Policy, strategy, regulation : The project is tasked with advising the actors responsible for creating the framework conditions required for rural electrification, and for mini grids in particular.
  2. Human resource development : Strengthen the capacity of state and private sector actors to engage in off-grid rural electrification which applies to technology, administration, management, business and operator models.
  3. Private sector participation: Actively engage the private sector in the design of framework conditions and support the transfer and exchange of knowledge.

The two cross cutting issue for all the approaches are: Gender Integration and Quality and Innovations.

Finally, with a regulatory framework enacted, a capacity development strategy in place, and buy-in from local and inter-national investors, the foundation is set to sustain a project pipeline, showcasing private-public partnership and long-term, sustainable ownership of Myanmar’s rural energy infrastructure.

Field of intervention

  • Energy Policy
  • Rural Energy Supply
  • Off-grid Renewable Energies

Targeted beneficiaries

  • Communities in rural areas Myanmar
  • Union/ Regional level Department of Rural Development Offices
  • Local and international mini-grid developers


  • Advising partner ministries on regulatory framework
  • Developing a subsidy scheme in cooperation with World Bank
  • Supporting partner ministry in developing a promotion program for private mini grid project developers (Call for Proposals)
  • Supporting partner ministries in setting up technical implementation guidelines for quality assurance as well as tools for evaluating financial feasibility of projects
  • Various technical and business trainings on Mini-grid Project Development
  • Side assessments for Mini Hydro Projects in Shan state



01 March 2016 - 29 February 2020

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