Sino-German Cooperation on Low Carbon Transport

Sino-German Cooperation on Low Carbon Transport


  • Low carbon development of China’s transport sector
  • Exploiting potential energy savings to reduce CO2 emissions


The project supports the Sino-German policy dialogue on climate change mitigation strategies in the transport sector with a focus on both urban and freight transport. The policy dialogue is further enhanced by the establishment of an international council of experts, which facilitates the exchange of experiences and intensive advisory support all the way to the director general and vice-ministerial level.

At the core of the project is the exploitation of potential energy savings. The partners are advised on the development of a set of emission quantification tools to model low carbon transport development scenarios on the national level as well as emissions generated by urban and freight transport. Measurements are being performed that provide an impetus for strategy development in addition to quantifying the success from implementing activities and strategies.

Piloting policies and measures related to transport efficiency and to standards for the use of technologies provides urban and private sector actors with information about mitigation options, and demonstrates their feasibility. These measures directly contribute to the development and implementation of robust climate change mitigation strategies.

Field of intervention

  • Climate change mitigation strategies, Transport efficiency, Scenario development, Emission models, Capacity development

Targeted beneficiaries

  • The population of P.R. China, Political decision makers on national and municipal level, Employees of Chinas Ministry of Transport MoT, Employees of the department of climate change of Chinas National Development and Reform Commission NDRC, Employees of Chinas Ministry of Industry and Information Technology MIIT


  • Established Sino-German dialogue on sustainable transport; Policy development (Parking management guideline, Established public transport alliance Foshan); Enhanced technical capacities on transport, emission quantification and monitoring, Shenzhen – transport, energy consumption and emission monitoring platform is established



01 March 2015 - 31 December 2022

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