TRANSfer III – Facilitating the development of ambitious transport mitigation actions

TRANSfer III – Facilitating the development of ambitious transport mitigation actions


  • Indonesia
    • The TRANSfer project’s objective is to increase the efforts of developing countries and emerging economies for climate-friendly transport with international support.
    • The project facilitates the preparation of mitigation actions and specifically supports the implementation of the Government of Indonesia’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of the Paris Agreement.
  • Thailand
    • Increase the efforts of developing countries and emerging economies to foster climate-friendly transport with international support
    • Facilitate mitigation action preparation on national and city level
    • Support city administrations in their efforts to plan and implement Sustainable Urban Transport Projects
    • Design the Thai Clean Mobility Programme (TCMP)
    • Reduce GHG emissions and air pollution stemming from transport in Thai cities



  • Transport is the highest energy-consuming sector in 40% of all countries worldwide and causes about a quarter of energy-related CO2 emissions. To limit global warming to two degrees, an extensive transformation and decarbonisation of transport is necessary.The TRANSfer project is a global transport sector project implemented by GIZ and partner countries funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Buildings and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The objective of this project is to support developing countries (including Peru, Colombia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia) to develop and implement climate change mitigation strategies / actions in the transportation sector. The project facilitates the preparation of mitigation actions and specifically supports the implementation of the Government of Indonesia’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of the Paris Agreement.The TRANSfer III project cooperation in Indonesia is with the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub/MoT), under the Directorate of Road Transportation as the main partner, and Directorate of Road Traffic, Directorate of Road Facility and Directorate of Railways Traffic and Transportation, as support partner, in program implementation. The focus of the agreed cooperation between the Ministry of Transportation and GIZ through the TRANSfer III program is the development of mitigation actions in the freight transportation sector, namely: (1) intermodal freight transportation on Java, combining road-based and rail-based freight transport, and (2) truck fleet modernization scheme in Indonesia.


  • The Thai Government has pledged a 20% reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2030, one-third of which is attributed to the transport sector. Due to rapidly increasing GHG emissions from transport, the dramatic rise in air pollution in Thai cities and losses in productivity from congestion, the GIZ TRANSfer project supports the Thai Government in the creation of the Thai Clean Mobility Programme (TCMP). The Programme focusses on three topics, namely the implementation of a Congestion Charge, bus fleet modernization, and upscaling by means of the creation of a sustainable transport fund.

Approach/Field of intervention

  • Indonesia
    • Technical Assistance
    • Mitigation Action Development
    • Technical Design
    • Ex-ante Impact Assessment
    • Measurement, Reporting & Verification (MRV)
    • Financial Design
    • Policy Recommendation
    • Capacity Development
    • Green Logistics
    • Intermodal Freight Transportation
    • Truck Fleet Modernization
    • Freight transportation
  • Thailand
    • Congestion Charging Scheme for Bangkok
    • Support to the public transport sector reform and fleet modernization in Bangkok
    • Setting up of a National Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) Fund to finance SUT projects in further Thai cities

Targeted beneficiaries


  • Ministry of Transportation


  • The Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning(OTP)

Highlight activities /Achievements


  • There is alignment of TRANSfer recommendation with the strategic planning of DG Land of Transportation 2020-2024 and DG of Railways 2020-2024European Business Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) in Indonesia has included a recommendation on TRANSfer concept document of truck fleet modernization in both of their new position papers on the Automotive Sector and on the Transport and Logistics Sector. They also quote statistics from TRANSfer III work.The TRANSfer III GIZ studies has been used as the basis for green logistics development plan under the R&D Ministry of Transportation (Balitbanghub).As part of the Omnibus Law, the TRANSfer Technical Design recommendation on “Increasing the attractiveness of intermodal transport industry for private foreign investments by e.g. allowing competitive foreign companies to own intermodal transport companies in Indonesia with more than 50% share in the capital.” has been implemented in 2021.The technical design study recommendation also proposing on easing licensing procedure and simplify the process as part on fostering sufficient market competition. The Indonesian government has finally announced in August 2021 the newly Risk Based Assessment Online Application that also apply to freight transport that guarantees a seamless experiences in registering business.


  • Establishment of the Thai Clean Mobility Programme (TCMP).
  • Thailand NUMP Study Report
  • Pre-feasibility Study of Congestion Charge for Bangkok
  • Video Communication on Congestion Charge for Bangkok
  • Study on the establishment of a TCMP Funding Mechanism
  • Study on Public Transport Electrification


Success stories


Bangkok suffers from severe air pollution (PM2.5), with especially high pollution values during November 2019 to March 2020 and 72 per cent of these emissions are caused by the transport sector – particularly by diesel vehicles. Thailand, supported by the GIZ’s facilitating the development of ambitious transport mitigation action plans (TRANSfer III) project, will take action on ambient air pollution and climate change by implementing the Bangkok Clean Air Zone. In order to gain first-hand experience on Low Emission Zones and Congestion Charging, the GIZ TRANSfer project organised a study tour to Berlin and London in February 2020. TRANSfer will be supporting the Thai Transport Ministry and the Bangkok City Administration in the next steps of designing the Clean Air Zone for Bangkok and driving the bus network reform in the Thai Clean Mobility Programme

“Environmental problems and climate change are a global agenda and a concern to everyone. Thailand realises this and intends to tackle these problems seriously. A major take away from this trip is the lesson learnt and the idea of implementing congestion charging in the area of Bangkok, we must use the momentum of air pollution crisis, particularly PM 2.5 and accompany its implementation with the improvement of public bus services and non-motorised transport and also other transport demand management measures.”

Mr. Chaiwat Thongkamkoon, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Transport

Transport and Climate Change Week or TCC Week was first held in 2017 by GIZ to bring together experts and decision-makers from around the world and to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking for a better future of transport. This year, the 4th TCCW was held from 21 – 25 June 2021 via a new digital platform and a virtual conference room to allow for activities from Berlin and other different time zones because of the continuing pandemic situation. The programme allowed the participants to build capacities, to establish relations and to network with peers, partners and experts. The programme of the TCC Week 2021 covered a wide range of topics and aspects related to sustainable transport including the linkage between transport to other broader topics like post-pandemic recovery, disaster and gender issues.

The Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) under the Thai Ministry of Transport participated in TCC Week through the preparation of country updates. Mr. Athibhu Chitranukroh, Director to the Bureau of Planning and Acting Director to the Bureau of Safety Planning, OTP, provided a comprehensive overview of the current transport situation in Thailand, underlining impacts from the pandemic, highlighting ongoing projects and cooperation, revealing future expectations and emphasising the commitment to move Thailand towards more sustainable transportation.

“When we get past this crisis, we cannot go back to the world as it was before, we must not forget our responsibilities in fighting climate change and Thailand takes this issue very seriously. Therefore, we are looking forward to continuing the excellent collaboration between Thailand and Germany targeting sustainable transport development.”

Mr. Athibhu

Indonesia , Thailand


Indonesia: 2017-2021
Thailand: 01 January 2017 – 31 December 2022

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