Water Efficiency in the Textile Industry (WETI)

Water Efficiency in the Textile Industry (WETI)


  • Developing the capacities of governmental institutions (federal and provincial level)
  • Provide advisory services to the textile sector
  • enhance the textile industry to be more resilient regarding the climate change


Overview: The programme aims at developing the capacities of governmental institutions to regulate the use of water resources and provide advisory services to the sector, e.g by showcasing the economic benefits of water efficiency measures for companies. In doing so, the efficient use of water resources of the textile industry is enhanced and resilience to climate-induced water scarcity strengthened.

Approach: The programme supports the federal and provincial government in the development, implementation and performance management of multi-stakeholder action plans and convening workshops, fostering capacity development to promote approaches enhancing the implementation of water efficiency measures and guidelines.

GIZ enables partners to adopt a comprehensive and effective approach to managing water risks and helps implementing the piloting measures agreed upon by the partners – governmental institutions, business associations and textile companies – by providing knowhow, capacity development solutions and the resources for implementing activities.

Field of intervention

  • Piloting Textile Companies
  • Sustainable Industrial Areas
  • Policy Implementation
  • Capacity Development

Targeted beneficiaries

  • Increase of water efficiency by 25% in piloting companies; a guideline for wastewater treatment and water efficiency is in place and ready to use; awareness of water related challenges in the public and private sector


  • Water efficiency measures in companies
  • Change management team workshops
  • Networking for operators of industrial parks
  • Capacity development for the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)
  • Workshop on Sustainable Industrial Areas



01 January 2015 - 31 December 2018

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