Green Education (GE)

“The back to back SNRD Asia and the Pacific/TUEWAS meetings provided the opportunity for exchange of knowledge with colleagues working on green education. We shared methods and practices from each project. It was very inspiring to hear about other project experiences, challenges and success stories. And most important was that we could think of integrate some of their ideas to our project” - Cristina Georgii, Speaker, WG Green Education

Green Education Working Group is a joint TUEWAS/ SNRD Asia and the Pacific working group. The Working Group is part of and contributes to the work and products of the company-wide Green Education Working Group.

  • Maintains a network of green education practitioners who share knowledge and experiences with regard to Green Education in Asia and learn from Green Education projects in the region
  • Provides “green” knowledge and develops attitudes and patterns of behaviour that support partner countries in introducing sustainable ways of developing and doing business
  • Promotes a shift in values in relation to environmental sustainability and supports individuals and organisations in identifying, experimenting and teaching environmentally sustainable models of behaviou

Issues / Topics

  • Positioning the importance, concept, methodologies and formats of Green Education as a joint working group of TUEWAS and SNRD Asia and the Pacific
  • Identification and elaboration of new relevant approaches
  • Foster learning through life’s experiences and traditional knowledge systems
  • Counter narrow conception of rationality with emotional understanding
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