Sustainable Industrial Areas (SIA)

“In our countries we work on different levels and with different partners on the topic of sustainable industrial development, our WG is highly beneficial to learn from new approaches that could also be applied in our context, and seize the exchange with colleagues working all over the world on similar topics such as how to sensitize park operators to invest in sustainability measures” - WG member Elisabeth Duerr, COPLAN II., Mexico

The GIZ Working Group on Sustainable Industrial Areas (SIA) was established in 2006. Members of the WG are GIZ experts who are involved in related projects that contribute – despite thematic differences – to the overall objective Eco-Industrial Development (EID).

The group‘s general objectives comprise:

  • Contribution to improved results orientation by the GIZ’s projects related to the concept of sustainable industrial areas across the globe.
  • Promoting a joint, transnational learning from experience amongst GIZ experts through systematic exchange of project experience, documentation and examples of best practice.
  • Development of regional and sectoral aspects of GIZ’s portfolio and range of services, including contribution to product development.
  • Extend support for strengthening the technical and advisory capacities of GIZ staff and counterparts (HQ support).

Through a collaboration of the international expertise of GIZ projects, the SIA Working Group contributes to the creation and maintenance of Sustainable Industrial Parks that promote Green Economy, bring profitability to businesses, create additional jobs without negative environmental impacts and (increasingly important) strengthen capacities to adapt to climate change.

The SIA WG creates cross-border and cross-sector networks by linking projects that share a common theme. These networks go on to provide a platform for the organized exchange of sector-related know-how. Since 2009, the International Conference on SIA (IC-SIA) is organized by GIZ. So far conferences were held in Morocco, India, China, Indonesia, Turkey and Mexico. The IC-SIA represents a unique subject-specific conference on the topic “Sustainable Industrial Areas”, which serves multiple stakeholders such as GIZ projects, partners and international SIA experts as a platform to exchange and discuss current trends.

Issues / Topics

  • Industrial Processes & Production
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation
  • Retrofitting and Planning of Industrial Areas
  • Institutions & Governance
  • Capacity Development for park operators and management units

Project / Programme