Save the Date: Webinar "COP 23 Debriefing" by TUEWAS CCM WG

18 January 2018

A debriefing of the results of the last UNFCCC COP in Bonn will take place in a format of an online webinar, covering issues such as NDC, monitoring/transparency and climate finance. Interested colleagues are most welcome to tune in. For detailed agenda, please see the table below.

Introduction Sascha Oppowa,NAMA Project Viet Nam
COP 23: Overview of outcomes on
… the COP in general Tobias Dorr,
Climate Policy Support Project (“SV Klima”)
… NDCs Tobias Dorr,
Climate Policy Support Project (“SV Klima”)
… Transparency Kirsten Orschulok,
Previously: Advisor to the BMUB,
Now: Thai-German Climate Change Programme
… Climate finance Ulla Flossmann-Kraus,
Sectoral Department (“FMB”)
Input from the Asia Pacific Maraida Licerio,
Support to the Philippines in Shaping and Implementing the International Climate Regime

***Should you wish to attend, please write to Sascha Oppowa, Speaker for CCM WG, to get the Skype link to join the call.