Shape the Digital Change at GIZ

03 May 2018

 GIZ’s Digital Change Working Group is inviting all colleagues to submit short ‘user stories’ based on your everyday work life.

We want to work together in shaping our digital transformation. But how can we do that, with over 20,000 colleagues in more than 130 countries? The answer lies in short ‘user stories’ that convey your needs from the users’ point of view (you can see what it looks like by clicking the link below).

The user stories can describe needs of any kind, from the digitalisation of processes (such as a project management tool) to the use of digital workplaces (for example, mobile work). It makes sense to formulate needs that affect as many people as possible. The User Stories should as concisely as possible relate to one of the eight target image dimensions. It is possible to submit several User Stories.
What happens to the user stories? Eight target image teams – one for each element – will analyse the user stories together with other inputs (points discussed at the management conference, target images for the departments and corporate units, etc.) and use them to develop proposals for implementation measures. The proposals from the eight teams will then be prioritised (contentwise and chronologically), and will be included in the Annual Objectives and the Corporate Strategy for the next few years. So the user story you submit might be acted upon quite quickly, in the medium or long term, or it might unfortunately not be considered.
To submit your user stories, click on this link here: Stories should be submitted by May 9th, 2018.