SMART-SUT: National Capacity Building and Training Initiatives in Urban Transport (India)

  06 May 2021

The Executive Program in Sustainable Transport was inaugurated jointly by Mr. Jaideep – Officer in Special Duty (Urban Transport) & Ex. Offico – Joint Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) and Dr. Julie Reviere – GIZ (India) Country Director on February 22nd. The six-day Active Learning workshop was organised from 22ndFeb till 5th Mar 2021. 28 government officials participated in the workshop conducted by the SMART-SUT project which was supported by CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), the Institute of Urban Transport (IUT) and the global Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI).

“It is highly imperative to build the capacity of officials to equip and empower them to contribute towards improving urban mobility in Indian cities” Mr. Jaideep – OSD, E.O. – Joint Secretary (MoHUA)

The next phase on Action Learning focuses on the concept of ‘learning by doing’ through an Action Project defined in respective cities of the participating officials. The participants will analyse the base situation, identify key issues, and draw out an implementable plan. The defined project would deal with a sustainable transport project pertaining to their area of work and could involve multi-stakeholder coordination. The timeline of the second phase of the programme would be till end-June 2021.

In addition, seven webinars on the below mentioned topics will also be organised starting 6th May 2021. The webinar series would be organised during the months of May to July 2021. The tentative schedule of the webinar series is:

Sr. No Webinar Topics Tentative Dates
1. Parking Management 6th May, 2021
2. Bus operations – outsourcing and contract management 27th May, 2021
3. Bus – Maintenance and Asset Management 10th June, 2021
4. Freight Management in Cities 24th June, 2021
5. Integrated Mobility-MAAS TBD
6. Gender and Mobility 8th July, 2021
7. Transition to electric mobility in Cities 22nd July, 2021

(more details on the webinar to follow)