Indonesian Energy Key Stakeholders’ Visit to 2023 Intersolar Europe: Knowledge, Policy Collaborations, Empowering RE Ambitions

10 June 2023
Group photo in front of Energynautic's office
Group photo in front of Energynautic's office

In 2023, Indonesia’s key energy stakeholders visited Frankfurt and Munich to attend 2023 Intersolar Europe, a global event focused on solar energy technology. Facilitated by the German-Indonesian Energy Cooperation Hub and REEP2 under GIZ Indonesia’s Energy Transition Cluster, the sizeable delegation included representatives from energy ministries, national planning agencies, the state electrical company, and private sector leaders aimed to gain insights into the latest solar technology updates, exchange policy information, strengthen work relationships, and enhance energy transition capacity under the German-Indonesian cooperation.

Beyond attending Intersolar Europe, the delegation also visited other institutions in Germany to explore strategies for advancing renewable energy technology integration into their power system. They learned valuable technical knowledge from Germany’s pioneering power system and waste-to-energy infrastructure. Discussions on electricity market characteristics, distribution systems, and power plant modernization enriched their expertise. The trip fostered stronger professional rapport with German counterparts as well as among key stakeholders, which empowers delegate members to better drive Indonesia’s energy ambitions and achieve net-zero emission targets more effectively.

10-17 June 2023

Frankfurt and Munich, Germany

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