Global Project Go Circular Started in Viet Nam

28 August 2023

Disrupting the linear economy with circular business models

The circular economy is rapidly gaining international traction, including at the United Nations and the EU Green Deal. The aim of a circular economy is to maintain the value of products, materials, and resources for as long as possible, which contrasts with the current linear economic model of ‘take-make-waste’.

Go Circular aims to disseminate circular economy approaches at a global level and in three selected countries: Columbia, Ghana and Viet Nam.  ​In Viet Nam, Go Circular focuses on the promotion and scaling of circular economy business approaches through private sector support and policy advice. Political partners are the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM).

Key material flows and sectors targeted are textiles, plastics and packaging, electronics and batteries, organic waste and agro-processing. Cross-cutting topics are finance, digitalisation and gender empowerment.

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Contact Person
Mira Nagy

Key buzzwords
circular economy, Viet Nam, private sector support