TUEWAS CETF: Deep Dive on Private Sector Cooperation and Economic Benefits of Circular Economy

10 November 2023
Participants of deep dive session
Participants of deep dive session

On November 10, 2023, CETF members participated in a deep dive session on private sector cooperation and economic benefits of circular economy. The session aimed to share ideas, best practices, and experiences of circular business models in the region, with a practical develoPPP example from the textile and apparel sector in India. The session featured three speakers: Ms. Angela Noronha, Director at SecondMuse, Ms. Meghana Kshirsagar, Senior Advisor at GIZ India, and Mr. Padmakar Pandey, Assistant Vice President at ABFRL.

The speakers highlighted the opportunities and challenges of implementing circularity in the textile and apparel sector, as well as the role of partnerships and financing in scaling up circular solutions. The session also provided a platform for CETF members to network and learn from each other across sectors and countries. The session was a valuable opportunity for mutual learning and knowledge transfer on circular economy.

November 10, 2023

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