6th Energy and Technology Forum

14 December 2023
6th Energy and Technology Forum in Hanoi
6th Energy and Technology Forum in Hanoi

Solar, onshore and offshore wind power are the 03 renewable energy related segments that has the most potential for locally manufacturing, which worth up to 160 billion USD from 2025 to 2050; the localization rate can increase from 45% to nearly 80% for solar power and from 37% to 55% for onshore wind power by 2050.

​However, only a few Vietnamese enterprises are participating in the wind and solar power ecosystem. Among 8 enterprises that are supporting solar power field, there is only one Vietnamese company that mainly produces shelves and frames, as stated by Truong Chi Binh – Vice President of the Viet Nam Association for Supporting Industries (VASI).

​Can Viet Nam increase the local content in renewable energy technology? This is the topic of panel discussion at the 6th Energy and Technology Forum in Hanoi.  ​

December 14, 2023

Hanoi, Viet Nam

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Vu Chi Mai​