3RproMar 3rd Regional Workshop. From Knowledge to Action: Facilitating Concrete Efforts for Enhanced Land-Based Marine Litter Prevention in ASEAN

05 March 2024

The 3rd Regional Workshop Series, of the project “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to Protect the Marine Environment and Coral Reefs” (3RproMar), is scheduled for March 20–21, 2024, in Iloilo City, Philippines. Organized by GIZ on behalf of BMZ and in cooperation with the ASEAN Secretariat, this event aims to enhance ASEAN’s capacity in land-based waste management to protect marine environments.

The workshop will focus on sharing progress, discussing the ASEAN Regional Action Plan for Combating Marine Debris, and exploring innovative solutions like Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), behavioral change and microplastics management. Participants include key stakeholders from ASEAN Member States, industry, academia, and civil society, contributing to a collaborative effort against marine pollution.

March 19-22, 2024

Iloilo City, Philippines

Contact Person
Frederik Caselitz