Transformation – Urban Opportunities -Climate Change – Webinar Series

15 December 2017
Transformation - Urban Opportunities -Climate Change - Webinar Series

By Luciana Maia, Consultant TUrbOCliC

In 2015 TUrbOCliC has initiated a webinar series, aiming at exchanging experiences / good practices among our members as well as other interested colleagues, partners and collaborators. An additional goal is also to systematically collect information about the relevant topics within our programmes.

Around 200 colleagues have joined the webinars since 2015, not only from Asia, but also from Africa and Latin America, as well as Germany. Presentations were very informative and discussions interesting and fruitful. The webinar series has become a lively platform for interaction and networking. The series will be continued in 2018.

In 2017, 3 Webinars were conducted:

Sustainable Urbanization and Capacity Development Approaches – Indian and Chinese Experiences

  • Building Capacities for Improved Urban Sanitation Services: A Case of Municipal Solid Waste Management in India – Ms. Vaishali Nandan, Senior Advisor and Joint Speaker of TUrbOCliC
  • Can cities prepare their own plans?  – Experience from Training and Handholding Approach on City Sanitation Plans with Medium-sized Cities in India – Ms. Sarah Habersack, Technical Advisor for Support to the National Urban Sanitation Policy
  • Building Capacity Partnerships in the Chinese-German Cooperation – Dr. Marie Peters – Project Manager with the Sino-German Urbanization Partnership
  • Integrated Capacity Development Approach for Kaili City’s Transport Hub Project – Ms. Chenzi Yiyang, China Project Coordinator, Cities Development Initiative Asia (CDIA)


This webinar presented current approaches on training / capacity development for urban stakeholders in China and India, the challenges and the success stories, discussing what the countries can learn from each other on sustainable urbanization and capacity development issues.


Capacity Development for Urban Stakeholders

  • Capacity development using ICT tools: small Intervention – major outcome – Mr. M. Mahmudur Rahman, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Management Information System (MIS) Expert for GIZ in Bangladesh
  • Get cities prepared for infrastructure investments! CDIA’s Integrated CapDev Approach – Mr. Thomas Hagedorn, Capacity Development Specialist, CDIA
  • Climate Mitigation through development of Sustainable Urban Transport – Nazaruddin Nazaruddin Advisor for Capacity Development – Sustainable Urban Transport Programme Indonesia (SUTRI NAMA)”.


This webinar presented and discussed the current approaches on training / capacity development for urban stakeholders in Asian Programs (Bangladesh, Indonesia and CDIA as regional project), the challenges and the success stories.


Implementing the International Agendas in and with Cities

  • Localizing the SDGs – Implementing the New Urban Agenda – Anka Derichs, Advisor, Sector Project Urban Development Policy Advice
  • Some Hints on How to Integrate the Agenda 2030 in GIZ´s Advisory Services – Ms. Katharina Lampe, Planning Officer, Planning Division Democracy, Policy Dialogue, Urban Development
  • The Integral Implementation of the New Urban Agenda – Experiences and contributions from Latin America – Ms. Barbara Scholz, Senior advisor at Sector Project Sustainable Development of Metropolitan Regions


This webinar resented and discussed the current state of the art on the topic of implementation of international agenda in and with cities, presenting an overview, one regional study from Latin America, and also giving hints on how to integrate the Agenda 2030 in GIZ’s advisory services.