Energy efficiency potentials e-learning course gamified for self-study

09 November 2021
GIZ Gamified e-learning course about EE (Source: GIZ Viet Nam)
GIZ Gamified e-learning course about EE (Source: GIZ Viet Nam)

Conducted by GIZ TUEWAS internal network with five countries Viet Nam, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India, the e-learning course about energy efficiency and energy saving potentials for industries introduced a new way of learning by integrating game elements to boost motivations of learners for the course.

 Initiated by TUEWAS Energy Working Group, the idea of a gamification-integrated online learning on existing energy efficiency learning materials was awarded the first prize from TUEWAS Innovation Fund 2021 and has been officially implemented since 09 November 2021.

In the course, the familiar topics and existing learning materials on energy efficiency are combined with novel game elements, which helps motivate learners to self-study by a more interesting and engaging learning method. The targeted group of the course includes energy managers, energy auditors in industry, government officials and personnel of energy-related NGOs. The course is expected to instruct its learners to identify the potentials for energy savings in the enterprises, to calculate the potential reduction in electricity as well as to assess the feasibility of measures.

After only two weeks launching, the course has attracted more than 200 people completing the course and receiving certificates, who were either experts or novices in the energy industry. The course was highly appreciated by the learners for its design as well as its in-depth content, especially on identifying opportunities to save energy from electrical and thermal equipment in industrial factories. Until now, the course has had hundreds of accesses from international learners, mainly from Vietnam, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and so on.

The online course “Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Potentials for Industries” is still being offered free of charge on the platform. Learners who interested in the course can follow this link Course: Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Potentials for industries (, create a new account and enjoy your learning journey.

Introduction video about the course: LINK

Contact person: Markus Bissel – Head of Component Energy Efficiency, 4E Project, Energy Cluster, GIZ Viet Nam –

Keywords: e-learning, energy efficiency, gamification, energy saving