Transformation – Urban Opportunities – Climate Change (TURBOCLIC)

“It is exciting to be part of such an experienced and long-standing working group. For over 8 years, the work of the pioneers working groups (cities and climate change and urban opportunities) has reached great impact for partners, with its capacity development/training approach. ”

We are a cross-sectoral working group comprising of members from TUEWAS (Transport, Environment, Energy and Water in Asia) and SNGA (Governance in Asia). Our work mainly focuses on the topics of urban climate change and urban governance, namely – low carbon development, energy efficiency in buildings, urban resilience, inclusive cities, localizing SDGs, vertical governance integration, urban nexus, metropolitan governance, climate finance decentralized, capacity development, among others.

Created in 2013, pioneers have been the TUEWAS Cities and Climate Change and the SNGA Urban Opportunities working groups, who have been fruitfully cooperating since 2009. Several bilateral and regional programs are represented in the working group.

Our main goals are networking, knowledge management, including joint learning among programs, regional and technical exchange with national and international partners, as well as strengthen the technical and advisory capacities of GIZ staff and partner experts, and work on developing innovative products. We interact through different channels, such as virtual and face-to-face meetings, newsletters, online platform, and innovative subject related webinars.

Issues / Topics

  • Webinar Series 2019
  • Development and roll-out of a Training on Implementing the International Agendas in/with Cities
  • Compilation and analysis of digital/ICT tools for climate-resilient and low-carbon urban development
  • Mapping of project indicators (to find common activities among projects and linkages to global Agendas / determine how projects are contributing to their implementation.

Webinar Turboclic