Transport and Environment (TE)

“TUEWAS provides the opportunity to learn and share project's experiences with members from many countries through the well-organised and interactive workshops. I gained very useful inputs for writing the policy report and sustainable transport strategies for my work. Also, we were able to build a technical network as it is an integral part of supporting and sharing valuable knowledge on sustainable transport.”
- Ms. Gessarin Gunthawong, Project Coordinator, Transport & Climate Change Project, Thailand

The working group supports the active engagement of national and internal staff working in transport projects, or projects which have a link to transport and mobility. The work includes, for example, urban-level projects bus corridors, national level projects on electro-mobility, and regional projects on fuel economy standards.

Issues / Topics

  • Fuel efficiency policies and measures
  • Energy-efficient two-wheelers, including electrification
  • Green freight & logistics
  • Data, indicators, and MRV